Dozens of multimedia elements in one place

Multimedia show production of Art4promotion agency combines modern audiovisual technology, original scenic features, large projection onto the water walls, holographic projection, 3D video mapping, live images, art performances, acrobatics, spatial laser show, fireworks, laser and light show and other multimedia elements. All this put together into one elaborated piece creates unique and emotionally charged performances.

All scenic elements, technology and performance are dramaturgically incorporated and built into a story, and together create an original and unique whole.


The show which takes your breath away

  • multimedia show Dreaming, Elements, The Tempest, Prague InSpires and others, represent a comprehensive and mobile audiovisual product that can be “told” in any environment
  • attract to the venue not only residents of the catchment area, but also a large number of tourists who come for experience
  • creates and strengthens good relations of visitors to the brands and the place to which it is linked
  • is a great promotion, not only through the media that extensively inform about audiovisual shows, but mainly due to the dissemination and sharing among residents (i.e. word of mouth – as a part of viral marketing)
  • connects the public, residents, institutions, businesses, the media in the catchment area; they get involved in the project and together create a unique project
Our realized multimedia show



More than 25,000 spectators, an epic multimedia scene in the middle of the river Vltava, lit up by more than 20 meters high holographic images, water walls, lasers, video mapping, fireworks, acrobats, giant puppets and opera diva Michaela Gemrotová and much more. All this was brought together thanks to the premiere of “DREAMING” audiovisual show, which took place at the 4th annual festival on water VLTAVA LIVES.

Previous multimedia show VLTAVA LIVES “ELEMENTS”, produced by Art4promotion agency, won the Las Vegas world ILDA ARTISTIC AWARDS and among 160 competitors from around the world won 1st place in the category of Multimedia show.

Multimedia show The Storm

Multimediální show Elements

Multimedia show Prague InSpires

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